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Speak Write Up! is a specialized learning company designed to teach and coach
both students and adults in Public Speaking and forms of Specialty Writing
used in personal, professional, public and casual communication.


Changing from Texting to Talking!

Ages 9 – 16


 Communicating with Confidence

Ages 17 and Up


Social Speeches
Writing & Editing

All Ages

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About Speak Write Up!

Public speaking and professional writing can become your success, rather than your fear.  Speak Write Up! invites you to join us as your partner on your journey to success in writing and speaking.

SPEAK UP: In education and business, children and adults are required to speak before groups of acquaintances, colleagues and strangers. Public speaking presentations can be a simple answer to a question; personal presentations; or, complex, group presentations.

WRITE UP: Writing ability is often the mode of first impression: resume, cover letter, email, personal notes, and casual or formal reports. Audience, format, structure, and accuracy, are all considerations that need to be learned and practiced by students and adults.

Our Mission

Speak Write Up! presents Public Speaking, Specialty Writing instruction, and Coaching for children, teenagers, and adults (via interactive instruction, practice, and presentation) with the purpose of enhancing technical expertise, self-confidence, and success.

“Highly Recommend SpeakWriteUp”

My 9 year old son was coached by Ms. Caton, of SpeakWriteUp, to make a speech to his classroom asking for their votes during their class elections. Ms. Caton had 3 sessions with him and coached and guided in writing and perfecting his speech. She patiently drew out his ideas and encouraged him to express his ideas in his speech in a very confident manner. My son’s confidence increased during this process and he was enthusiastic about editing his speech between the sessions to meet the approach that Ms. Caton gave him.

His final talking points and the way he expressed them were spot on as he was able to internalize the speech during the process. Ms. Caton, through SpeakWriteUp, was great in bringing him along through the process. Ms.Caton is an excellent coach and I would highly recommend SpeakWriteUP.

Suchitra Kelakonda

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