Adult Classes

Writing & Editing

Need some help on that professional article you are writing? SWU provides personal coaching and holds monthly and workshops in Chicago and the suburbs.

SpeakWriteUp is your source for:

  • Assistance with academic papers from idea to completion
  • Coaching for the creation of professional biographies
  • Editing website content, papers and community articles
  • Cursive Writing classes for students above Third Grade

WriteUp! Resume Writing

SWU assists with the writing of resumes for job seekers in the private or public sector.

Resume Workshops: 

  • Coaching for defining focus and tone
  • Determing relevant material inclusion
  • Defining appropriate writing style for job type
  • Detailing grammar usage
  • Determing graphic design

Private coaching sessions are available. (1.5 hour workshop – minimum of two persons, maximum of four). Contact SpeakWriteUp for current coaching dates, times, and fees.

SpeakUp! Dynamic Interview Training

Your resume got you the interview… this class will coach you for participating in a dynamic interview!

SwU holds monthly workshops in Chicago and the suburbs.

  • Train for those interview questions
  • Find out hw to highlight your resume in the interview
  • Proper attire and presenting an impressive physical image
  • Practice interviews with HR and Business professionals
  • Tune-up practice offered for up to six months following the workshop

SpeakWriteUp! Career Coaching Combo

Resume writing and interview coaching together in a combination one-time workshop

This expanded workshop covers all material listed above.

(Minimum of two persons, maximum of four persons. 3 hour workshop) Contact SpeakWriteUp for current coaching dates, times, and fees.

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